The Site of the Primitive Village

According to the archaeological survey, there are nearly 10 sites in the park, including yingsongling, songyiqiao village, post-fishing village, pearl gate, bohai town and other primitive social villages, which are typical of yinggoiling site.

The site is located in the mooring township mirror mirror parking near the village, found a total of four address and an ash pit, and unearthed a large number of agricultural tools, life utensils, fishing gear, such as bone artifacts, including an advantage in agricultural tools, fishing tools for a certain proportion, explain here has been by fishing and hunting economy transition to the primitive agriculture, provide evidence of the unearthed pottery spinning round the simple manual weaving. Unearthed pottery pigs have female and young pigs, vivid, lively and lovely, and image marks a wild boar was domesticated original husbandry, unearthed birch PiQi and charcoal, the C14 dating: upper - 3025 + 90, Jordan zhongyuan chow period in our country. The lower culture is about 2985 + 120 years, about the time of the legend of the ancient yao shun. "Emperor shun has 25 years of yu's reign, and he is the one who comes to the court and bows the bow," according to the book of the five emperors. Zheng xuan: "shen shen, or wei shen, northeast yi". According to the above records, the relationship between the two sides can be traced back to more than 20 centuries BC. In terms of the geographical location of the people who live in the sushen, the mountains and seas, the great famine and the great famine: "there are mountains in the great famine, the name is not salty, and there is the state of shushen." It is generally believed that the unsalty mountain, namely the sui and tang dynasties, or taibai mountain, today's changbai mountain. Guo pu, an eastern jin man, argued: "today, the state of suzhou is going to 3000 miles east of liaodong... "The later han book" so called "the country is also". At that time, the "3000 li" was the equivalent of 1,000 km today, which is the middle and upper reaches of the jingbohu lake and mudanjiang river in ningan, north of changbai mountain.

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