Legends about Jingpo Lake

The legend of the "red luo girl" has filled jingbo lake with poetic meaning and is known as the soul of jingbo lake, and there are many legends about the red luo woman.

The first kind: female fairy falling mirror
Legend has it that once upon a time, there lived a beautiful and kind red luo woman, she had a magic mirror, where there was a disaster, she used a mirror, the disaster and disaster, people ankang. When the queen mother heard of it, she sent god to steal the mirror. Red ROM women follow mirrors glow to the heaven, see mirrors in the bosom of the heavenly queen, stretched out his hand to rob, inadvertently, mirrors falling from the sky, fall into the laps in the forest, suddenly, this plane mirrors
The second kind: the story of red luo
Legend has it that once upon a time, there lived a beautiful fisherman in the mirror of Mohe's national mirror. The swan saw it, and left its white feathers, and the wild goose saw it, leaving the fine velvet under its wings. She used the feathers of the swan and the fine velvet of the wild goose, and she dyed them in bright red, and made them into brocade shirts and skirts, which made her look so beautiful that everyone called her red.
The king will choose the queen, and the man will make a mirror. This mirror will bring the most beautiful woman in the world to the mirror and never fall. The king ordered the old monk to look for the beautiful woman. The old way through the state of the county, everywhere you see the beauty countless but no one can print to the mirror. Finally, the old way came to jingbo lake, and there was a lady in a red dress on a boat in the distance. The old way immediately took out a treasure mirror, the woman immediately printed on the mirror, can not go away again. The old road was very happy, so she and the red luo woman explained the intention. "I have made a vow since I was a child," she said with a smile. "if anyone can answer right, what is the most precious thing in the world, I can talk to him about marriage." The old man stood there thinking for a long time and did not think of anything that was the most precious in the world. Just then, the surface of the lake was blowing hard, and the old man's mirror was falling into the lake. The mirror had just fallen to the surface of the lake, and the surface of the lake was suddenly calm, like a mirror lying on the lake. The old road dared not stay, and hurried back to the king's life.
The matter was talked about by the people of the village of xviii, so there was an endless stream of people who came to visit. There was a handsome warrior, a scholar, and a gentleman in the rich world, but they did not answer the question of what was the most precious thing in the world. The king himself came to the hanging water building where the red luo woman lived. What is the most precious thing in the world? The king said, "right is the most precious thing in the world. The red luo woman smiled to the king and said: "you do not cultivate the grain, the minister does not build the house, have the right not the same is to starve to death!" The king was speechless, and went home with the officials. The red luo girl still drives a small boat, the freedom of life in the jingbo lake. She made a piece of water curtain hanging from the side of the hanging water tower, which was hanging from the hanging water, and formed a silver waterfall, splashing and surging.

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