Jingpohu UNESCO Global Geopark and Mudanjiang NO. 9 Middle School jointly carried out geological science popularization and research activities

On May 19, 2018, Jingpohuhu UNESCO Global Geopark management committee and Mudanjiang no. 9 middle school jointly launched the geological science popularization research activity. Activities with "the protection of geological relics, cherish the earth's resources" as the theme, brought a fun for the students to learn knowledge studies tourism activities, and make students deeply understand the Jingpohu crater magnificent and strange beauty "this life lives" the "magic" vignettes of the tunnel and volcanic lava.

On May 19 morning, 52 of the first 2 students crater in Jingpohu world geological park scenic area of the typical geological relics, Jingpohu the ac environmental protection bureau of land and resources Liu Zhansen site for teachers and students on the forest after the characteristics of the volcanic cone, volcanic crater lake formation, volcanic lava the typical features of the tunnel, volcanic links with the People's Daily life such as knowledge. Activities of the students listen to explain, field view of volcanic lava landscape, side to understand these animal and plant species distribution and classification of natural resources, cultivate the students' love of nature, improve the students awareness of volcanic geology and environmental awareness.

The geological popular science inquiry learning activities designed to promote to the public to learn scientific knowledge, to make people understand the relationship between themselves and the environment, to ensure the sustainable development of social economy and culture, and guide people to protect the geological relics, harmonious coexistence with nature.

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