Heilongjiang and Jingpohu goes to guangzhou to promote "north China scenery"

Recently, the propaganda Department of the Mudanjiang Municipal Committee of Heilongjiang, the Mudanjiang Tourism Development Committee, the Jingpohuhu Management Committee of Heilongjiang Province, the Mudanjiang Jingpohuhu Tourism Group Co., Ltd. China Jingpohuhu Spring and Summer Tourism products sharing meeting held in Guangzhou, 2018, sponsored by Ctrip Group.

Jingpohu Lake is located in Mudanjiang City, southeast of Heilongjiang Province. It is famous for its mysterious and beautiful natural scenery and volcanic geological relics. It is a rare fusion geology, history, archaeology and humanities in the world. Animals and plants and other important national scenic spots, the global Geopark, National AAAAA class tourist attractions.

At the sharing meeting, Jingpohuhu Lake around volcanic "wild boar forest" through the forest tour, Longquan Villa leisure vacation tour, Jingpohu small town slow city style tour, a total of 35 tourism projects, tourism enterprises pay attention to.Sifa Sun, general manager of Jingpohuhu Tourism Group, said that the tourism projects brought about by the promotion were all based on the combination of natural resources, climate characteristics, and cultural attributes of the scenic spots. Focusing on the directions of "healthy health," summer sightseeing, "leisure vacation," forest ecology, "folk customs," food and entertainment ", etc.

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