Jiuhuashan geological park science campus walking into anhui university of technology

On April 11, "magic witty, big to the jiuhua mountain, jiuhua mountain geological park campus line" in anhui university of science and popular science lecture activities successfully held, attracted the anhui university of science and technology and other colleges and universities teachers and students to participate in more than 200 teachers and students.
The event hosted by the jiuhua mountain national geological park management committee, feet up guest, anhui university of science and technology in collaboration with the school of earth and environment, event to the anhui jiuhua mountain geopark geological and cultural landscape as the theme, the speaker by graphic form, in plain language to those teachers and students to focus on the jiuhua mountain geopark geological knowledge, and plant landscape, animals, landscape, cultural landscape, etc., it analyzes the jiuhua mountain terrain landscape and ecological landscape of "high, pure and fresh, moist, lush" characteristics is an important principle in buddhist site.

At the end of the popular science lecture, the staff of jiuhuashan geological park donated the geology, tourism and culture books of jiuhua mountain to the school of earth and environment of anhui university of technology. Then, the volunteer of jiuhuashan geological park explained to the audience the feeling of being a science volunteer in jiuhuashan geological park. At the end of the event, we entered the interactive lottery. Six students were given exquisite gifts.
This activity is one of the series of popular science activities that jiuhuashan has carefully prepared for the world geological park. Next, jiuhuashan will carry out more colorful science popularization activities, spread the seeds of science popularization widely around the world, and contribute more to the popularization of science popularization in geopark.

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