Study history books, explore yimeng culture -- yimeng mountain popular science activities enter the big (wuhan), nanjing university.

Recently, yimeng geological parks in China university of geosciences (wuhan), nanjing university held entitled "requirements to learn history, river bank Mongolia culture" culture of geological science popularization activity, good results have been achieved.

This activity is part of the science publicity program of yimeng mountain geopark. It has been assisted by foot climbers, China university of geosciences (wuhan) and nanjing university. The preparation and publicity of the activity is very sufficient. Besides the teachers and students of the school, the students and students from the surrounding colleges and universities are attracted to participate in the activity. The effect and scope of the activities are beyond the expectation.
At the event, wang zhaobo, a geological expert of yimeng mountain geopark, introduced the comprehensive situation of the park to the field personnel and explained the geological resources of the park. Focuses on the Mongolian ShanGui shape stone and its formation mechanism, and illustrates the turtle stone of mengshan ancient culture, the profound influence of the Taoism culture, shows you a geological and culture influence each other, in combination with vivid examples. After the lecture, the participants were interacted with the participants and answered their concerns.
Held in the activity, in addition to the popular science lectures, yimeng geological park also gave activities school publishing propaganda of popular science books and materials, and after the lectures held small activity, on-site lottery to winning students presented park of science data and memory products.
For a long time, yimeng geological park uphold the universal geological knowledge and promoting a culture of geological concept, a detailed plan to popular science propaganda, after the event, yimeng geological park will continue to carry out many forms of popular science propaganda activities as planned, good geological story, let the geological parks play a more important social functions.

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