Jingbo lake invited danxia mountain to conduct a sister park exchange and cooperation visit

On January 4, 2018, danxia mountain world geopark was invited to visit jingbo lake to conduct exchange and cooperation visits between sister parks.
On the morning of the 5th, Chen fang, deputy director of danxia mountain management committee and an expert in the world geological park assessment of UNESCO, was invited to conduct a special lecture on reassessment of the world geological park in jingpo lake. Chen Fang from famous mountains "danxia mountain science construction experience of the exchange of experience, go to Japan evaluation, danxia mountain how YingJian" three aspects, the interpretation of the wonderful to share the successful experience of the world geological park re-evaluation.
Mudanjiang city government deputy secretary long-range peng, jingbo the ac leadership and authority in all, the basic unit team members, mudanjiang, jingbo group representative, part of mudanjiang city guanghua school teachers and students on behalf of, and the news media of mudanjiang attended the lecture.
In the afternoon, Mr. Chen also held talks with some of the leading cadres of jingbo lake, focusing on a more extensive and in-depth exchange of the world geological park reassessment. On that night, I visited the tourist service center and visited the night scene of the snow fort and ice waterfall.
On June 6, Chen fang attended the opening ceremony of the 7th jingbo lake winter fishing festival. The exchange and cooperation visit will further promote in-depth communication and cooperation between the two sister parks, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the park.

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