Revalidation Report Meeting of Jingpohu UNESCO Global Geopark Convened

On August 6th, Goran Radonic, the expert form GGN, arrives at the Jingpohu Global Geopark for revalidation. The realidaton for Jingpohu UNESCO Global Geopark is officially start.


Mr. Goran Radonic arrives at Jingpohu UGGp


In the morning, the experts make site investigation on the sewage treatment plant and listened to reports on the treatment of domestic sewage in the Geopark. Later, the experts visit Jingpo Lake by boat together with staff of the Geopark, and make investigation on Deer Island, White Rock Cliff, Dagushan Mountain, Xiaogushan Mountain, Taoist Mountain, Pearl Gate and other geological remains.


The Experts Make Investigation on Sewage Treatment Plant

The Experts Make Investigation on Geoscience Plates


The Experts Make Investigation on Signboards

 The Experts Make Investigation on Jingpo Lake Scenic Area by Boat


In the afternoon, the experts make investigation on Diaoshuilou Waterfall, Hongluonv Cultural Garden, Bohai Mohe Embroidery, visit infrastructures in the Geopark such as Geoscience Plates, Tourist Service Center, Souvenir Shop and Geo-tourism Hotel.

The Experts Make Investigation on Diaoshuilou Waterfall


The Experts Make Investigation on the Plank Road and Jingpo Valley


The Experts Make Investigation on Signboards


The Experts Make Investigation on Hongluonv Cultural Garden


The Experts Make Investigation on Bohai Mohe Embroidery


The Experts Make Investigation on Souvenir Shop


The Experts Make Investigation on  Tourist Service Center


The Experts Make Investigation on Geo-tourism Hotel



Later, a report meeting is held in Jingpo Lake Yuanshoulou Hotel. The report meeting is hosted by Yuan Xiaohong, Director of the Geoparks Department of the National Forestry and Prairie Bureau Protection Department. Gao Yan, Mayor of the Mudanjiang Municipal Government, gives a speech first, Goran Radonic and Alessandra Casini, the experts for revalidation listened to the report. At the meeting, staff of the Jingpohu Geopark make a detailed report on the progress of the protection for geological relics, publication for geosciences and community development in the past 4 years, and make response to the rectification opinions proposed in the last revalidaton.


Ms.Yuan Xiaohong hosts the meeting


Mr. Gao Yan, the Mayor of Mudanjiang City, Makes the Welcome Speech


The Experts Listen to Report




Then the experts come to Jingbo Valley to experience the Korean customs, taste local food and enjoy the bonfire party.


 The Experts Make Watch the Process of Making Korean Rice Cake


The Experts and Tourists Have Fun Together

 The Experts Watch Korean Singing and Dancing Performance



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