Jingpohu wonders list

Jingbo scenic area is located in the southeast of mudanjiang, overall planning area of 1726 square kilometers, by the long, crater lake forest, bohai kingdom ruins of three core scenic area, forest coverage rate of 90% above, mudanjiang and even the most abundant tourism resources in heilongjiang province, is the largest concentration of lakes and mountains, forests, waterfalls, volcanic landforms, cliff valley wetlands, streams, lava and exotic plants and animals, the bohai kingdom in the tang dynasty represented attends Beijing longquan house sites and anti-japan union calls of nature, history, cultural landscape and the red tourism in one comprehensive scenic area, With the world geological park, national scenic spot and national 5a-level tourism area, the comprehensive index of resource portfolio is excellent at home and abroad. Jingbo is located in the scenic area of the southern and central, is about ten thousand years ago, before and after the volcanic eruption after five times jingbo, lava block mudanjiang ancient riverbed, formed in the high mountains of the world's largest volcanic lava lake, total length of 45 km, water area of 80 km2, at its widest point 6 km, the narrowest place 300 m, average water depth 40 m, the 70 m deep, storage capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters, at an altitude of 350 m, the lake is like a silver cord, among the green mountains. Scenery zone island bay strewn at random, dense forests, delicate and pretty, sites faintly, the lake has a time mountain, white marble rock, investigating chengqianglazi, Buddha rock, crow dagushan, little rock, pearl door, butte, Taoist mountains and other natural landscape Mosaic meantime, formed a unique natural beauty. Jingpo lake is surrounded by mountains and forests, forming regional microclimate characteristics and four distinct seasons. The average temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius in September. During the five months of winter, the ice is 1.76 meters thick, with an average annual snowfall of 176 days. The snow cover is 1.1 meters thick, with all the spring flowers, summer water, autumn leaves and winter snow in a lake. Since the 60 s, liu shaoqi, zhu DE, ye jianying, deng xiaoping, jiang zemin, li peng, interests, zhu rongji, li more than hundreds of party and state leaders to jingbo summer tour. Deng xiaoping and ye jianying respectively gave the praise of "mirror and scenic spot" and "mountain lake water mountain, north China scenery win jiangnan".

Jingpo lake wonder -- maomong mountain

The mountains on the west coast of jingpo lake show a great figure of the great man lying on the back of a giant nature sculpture, which is very vivid and has been personally appreciated by the children of the great relatives. Arguably the world's largest sculpture, China's greatest art treasure, jingpo lake's most spectacular geological wonders. The view is amazing, marveling at nature's magic power, admiring the force of nature and praising the magic of jingbo lake.

Jingpo lake wonder -- baishilazi.
On the east bank of jingpo lake, the white stone layer stands on the edge of the lake, and the rocky peaks are sharp and jagged, and the rocky cliffs are located on the shore. It is named "baishilazi", which is 420m above sea level and 70m above the water surface. There are three baishi peaks, low on both sides, high in the middle, and a huge stone on the summit, like "crouching monkey", known as "monkey watch moon", which is very cute. The vertical vertical wall of the hebei wall, horizontal columnar joints, crisscrossed crisscrossed, layered and attractive, provide the geological structure information and evidence.

Jingpo lake wonder -- the wall of the city of azi.
Located in the central part of jingbo lake, the city is steep and steep. There is an ancient site on the hill. According to the research, this is the city of the bohai sea, the city of huzhou city, the terrain, although it has been over a thousand years, but most of the city walls still standing, can be seen that it was the style of the year, the city overlooking the city, panoramic view.

Jingpo lake wonder -- the Buddha of the Buddha.
The Buddha of the Buddha, also known as qianfo cliff. Is located on the north of mizoguchi in jingbo lake investigating chengqianglazi, rock elevation 423.7 meters, 130 meters wide, a pyramid, the south is a steep cliff, knife cut its rationalism, show the stone varies, piton eventful, numerous Buddha figures, majesty standing, various, vivid, showing a breathtaking spectacle scenic spots, is the President of the buddhist association of China, Buddhism that big boy is identified as "Oriental net coloured glaze world", is a natural dojo Wang Qifo pharmacist lapis lazuli light.

The marvelous sight of the lake - the old one
The lake in the south of jingpo lake, the old one, is 382.7m above sea level and 26m above the water level. The rock formations on the island are piled up with a stone cliff, precipitous and precipitous, like an old pot, which is known as "the old one". On the back, it looks like a camel. The former mountain is like a bald camel's neck, and the back mountain is like a camel.

Jingpo lake wonder -- pearl gate
In south-central jingbo lake wonders - pearl door, near the west bank, is composed of two similar to pearl island, 15 m above the surface, things only 10 m apart to form a narrow passage, according to the pearly gates. Two delicate islands, as if floating on the surface of the crystal clear dew, and as if standing in the lake of the mountain children, facing each other to watch the pearl door of the passenger ship; When the island of dry water is exposed to the sand, it is as if the mountain boy is playing in the sand on the beach, incisively and vividly, quite interesting.

Jingpo lake wonder -- big lonely mountain.
The largest lake in jingbo lake. At 415m above sea level, it is 65m above the water surface, with an area of 1000 m2 and a circular cone shaped like a mountain. Alone in the lake, the name is "big lonely mountain". The island is luxuriant, spring apricot, plum blossom, rose and so on, the mountain full bloom, gorgeous, so called "flower mountain".

Jingbo lake wonder -- small lonely mountain
Small lonely mountain dainty, like a tooth sculpture, is a "miniature island", and like a big "pearl", namely: "Kowloon play bead" bead. The island is shaped like a lion on the lake, and like a tiger. Overlooking the small mountain, like a magnifying bonsai.

Jingpo lake spectacular - Taoist mountain
It's in the south of the lake. Through the pearl gate, on both sides of the lake, there is a mountain of mountains standing in the lake, which is seventy-eight meters above the water. This is the Taoist mountain, which is actually an island. It has a mountain around it, like "two dragons".

Jingpo lake wonder -- xinglong temple
The site of the bohai sea is the first batch of national key cultural relic protection units published by the state council in 1961, and is one of the 100 major sites protected by the state. The bohai country was a local authority in the tang dynasty, built in 698 AD and lasted 229 years. Bohai kingdom vast territory, including the most and now Russia primorsky region of northeast China and north part of north Korea, was one of the northeast and the northeast Asia famous metropolis, is one of the biggest administrative organizational system of mudanjiang in the history of the first home. The bohai sea is known as the "king of the bohai sea". From the third generation, the jin was named "king of the bohai sea", and it is known as "the east of the sea". Over 200 years of rule by the bohai kingdom, agriculture, animal husbandry, handicraft industry and foreign trade developed rapidly, and the economic prosperity left a great deal of cultural heritage for posterity. Old country site visible fo, attends Beijing longquan office site, so the well site, JinYuan address, street address, the address of temples, tombs, ancient bridge, xinglong temple (temple, stone lamp house, big Buddha figures, andother letter, big Shi Gui, text and other rare and precious cultural relics at the national level).

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